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Color Palette generators

Use these color palette generators to create colors for the Swiss Army Knife custom card that match the lightness and WCAG contrast guidelines to make your card stand out!

Accessible Palette Color System Generator

With the Accessible palette website, you can create Material Design color systems with consistent lightness and contrast. Nice for your custom colors to create matching pairs!

You can use a single color with varying lightness for displaying steps in the segmented arc for instance.

Also a great tool if you are using the Material 3 themes for Home Assistant!



Color Designer to Create Tints and Shades

Color Designer is great for creating tints and shades, among a few other color combinations.

These tints and shades use the HSL (Hue, Saturation, Lightness) representation of the RGB color model. These are not fully accurate compared to the human perception of lightness. Use the previous one, the accessible palette generator for a better match!



Paletton Color Palette Generator

Paletton is one of the nice color palette generators around.



Material Design Color Palette Generator

Another one is the MCG generator. It is build on the Material Design color scheme, and can generate any swatch based on the central color.



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