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Example 99: Material 3 Theme converter and viewer

This view requires one of the Home Assistant Material 3 Themes

The example uses the dynamic Material 3 D07, DarkOliveGreen theme.

Material 3 Theme Palette example The pallette

Material 3 Theme Surface example The surfaces

Material 3 Theme Light mode example The Light Mode

Material 3 Theme Dark mode example The Dark Mode


This visualization shows the currently active Material 3 theme.

It mimics the display created by the Figma Material 3 builder plugin.

Check the Material 3 themes manual for more info.

How to make it work in your own installation

In general

View and Card Configuration

Lovelace view

file location included from
view-sake99-m3.yml /lovelace/views sak-examples-dashboard.yaml

Decluttering templates


SAK templates


name file
tbd tbd.yaml
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