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Example 5: Car dashboard alike cards

AmoebeLabs Swiss Army Knife Custom Card Example 5 - Car dashboard alike


This visualization is inspired by a car dashboard.

The first uses a Flat design, the second a Neumorphic design. Both designs use the same tools, but look different.


  • All tools support by default the "more-info" dialog once clicked.

Used Home Assistant Integrations

How to make it work in your own installation

Required Home Assistant integrations

Both cards

Required Home Assistant Integrations
The visualization is build on the, so you need the Weather integration

Other weather integrations won't work, as they create different states and attributes

Required Home Assistant Entity Changes
The integration creates the weather.changeme entity. Adapt the changeme part to your own installation!

Alternative entities
You can also replace the humidity, temperature and pressure weather entities with other humidity, temperature and pressure entities from other integrations. An Aqara Zigbee device could be used for instance as the source.

View and Card Configuration

Both views use 3 segmented arcs with scale, an entity state and unit of measurement and icon.

Lovelace view

file location included from
view-sake5.yml /lovelace/views sak-examples-dashboard.yaml

Decluttering templates

None used. All inline YAML!

SAK templates

None used. All inline YAML!



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