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Tools and Toolsets

Tools and Toolsets are the main ingredients of the Swiss Army Knife custom card.
They provide the means to visualize Home Assistant data in a free and creative manner.

The Swiss Army Knife uses SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) as its sole basis to visualize the tools on a card.

Tools to create visualizations

The Swiss Army Knife card offers a series of tools (currently 17) to create visualizations.

The tools are:

tool type description
circle basic A circle
ellipse basic An ellipse
line basic A vertical, horizontal or oblique line
rectangle basic A rectangle with and w/o rounded corners
rectex basic A more advanced rectangle with independent rounded corners
regpoly basic A regular poly using the Schläfli symbol math
text basic A text display
horseshoe advanced TBD
segarc advanced A segmented arc: shows progress data in an arc
slider advanced Slider input tool. Used for brightness for example
switch advanced A basic on/off switch
usersvg advanced For fetching user defined, external SVG files
area HA specific Represents an Entity Area
icon HA specific Represents an Entity Icon
name HA specific Represents an Entity Name
state HA specific Represents an Entity State & Unit of Measurement
bar HA specific Represents an simple state history (horizontal or vertical bars)

Toolsets to combine and control tools

Toolsets provide extra functionality to tools.

Grouping of tools

Well, a 'set' already tells this: a Toolset is a container for a set of tools.

Placement on card

A Toolset provides a grid to place tools on, and can itself be placed on a card.
This makes a Toolset separate the coordinates of a tool and a card on which it is placed.


Toolsets can scale the tools as a whole to 'fit' the card or required size.

Server example (example 7) shows this scaling

The discs with the arc, icon, and state use the same toolset (using a SAK template) and use a toolset scale factor to get the required size of the toolset.

Swiss Army Knife Example 7 - Servers

Because of the scaling, tools need NOT to be designed to their final size on a card

You can re-use the same toolset in different sizes, although they are designed on a 100x100 grid.

Height and Width can be scaled independently if required. Scaling does not affect the center position.

Example showing independent x/y scaling on the 3rd disc



Toolsets can rotate the tools as a whole

Rotation is in degrees and uses (again) the center of the toolset as the rotation anchor.

Example showing some rotating disc toolsets


Rotating may yield different results depending on the browser


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