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Overview of Template possibilities

The Swiss Army Knife has support for several sorts of templates to re-use YAML parts or add JavaScript snippets.


There are three types of templating available:

  • the built-in YAML anchor & aliases
  • SAK templates
  • Third party card templates (decluttering card)

They all have different usage.

Type re-use method what type of re-use
YAML built-in re-use within YAML file only using anchors and aliases YAML dictionaries and fields
SAK templates re-use of YAML parts using global templates toolsets, tools, derived_entity, colorstops/list, etc. About any part of the config can be templated
Decluttering card re-use of card configurations using global card templates Full card template with variables

As the decluttering card is a card template, it can use SAK templates.

JavaScript snippets

JavaScript snippets can be entered in the YAML configuration to extend the functionality of the card.

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